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Jracking (China) Storage System

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Jracking (China) Storage System


We are able to offer the racks of North American, Oceania and European market. We manufacture racks according to the local standard racking series from different part of the world based on users’ habits, and our products are qualified with RMI and AS4084 certifications.


We possess powerful production capability. In the factory workshops, we have 5 rolling lines for the beam and another 5 for the upright post; 6 steel structural welding stations and 1 automatic welding robot arm; punching, bending and shearing machines are all equipped, plus two powder coating lines. All these assured our annual production capacity up to 30,000 tons.


We improve production technique constantly. Welding position and quality is assured by using different fixtures.

We kept acid pickling and parkerising as the pretreatment for powder coating. This assures the fastness and balance for powder adhesion. Salt fog test result shows the antirust persistence last to 500 hours.


Packing operation is specifically for export handling to guarantee the safety during shipping, as well as convenient for loading and unloading.


Our annual exporting quantity reaches up to 1,000 containers. The professional loading platform ensures the efficiency of work.

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We have over 10 years exporting experience, wide market occupancy and excellent service team. By the accumulation of project experience in different worldwide markets, your requests will get the fastest and efficiency-highest responded with the best optimized solution.