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Jracking (China) Storage System

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Jracking (China) Storage System

The mightiness of Jracking is based on a super effective team. Nowadays, with highly modern development and rapidly changing, the value of talents is certainly the core competence of a company.


Mr Liangping Deng, as the head of the enterprise, founded Jracking Storage Equipment Co., LTD. After several years continuous progressing, the huge scale has been formed by now. Mr Deng is not the corporate representative of Jracking, and also the president of Jin Ling Chamber of Commerce Online and Nanjing Chamer for Import and Export Companies. ‘Competence, Responsibility, Needs and Honor’ has become core value of the whole company which is proposed by Mr Deng. Based on macro-management of whole enterprise, enhancing employees ideological education, each staff can feel the warmth of home here. Through Mr Deng’s several trainings, the whole team are becoming more and more cohesive. Hence, one invincible and wolf team has been set up.


Foreign Trade Department, as the mainstay of company, which is charging of main business. The staffs from FTD basically all have over five years service records, who have professional service level and experiences of customer communication. They are quite good at developing clients indenpendently, depending on their abundant knowledge of foreign trade and the ability to improsive, dealing with questions and issues that they can reply to the customers with the standards and quality in time. FTD has satisfied thousands well-know companies with rack storage needs, both inland and overseas. What’s more, FTD has established long-term cooperative partnership during the process of communication. Today, foreign trade is becoming more flourishing and FTD is leading the company to prosperity.   


Technology Department in Jracking has top technical talents amony industry. Several engineers who have a variety of technical qualification certificates, propose solutions for racks and they do well in oprating all kinds of graphics drawing softwares. Basically, they are able to propose most reasonable solutions depending on the size of customer’s warehouse and the kind of store products. Whatever terminal clients who are unfamiliar with storage solutions or famous agencies who know about the product structure, as Technology Department, which can always provide the clients with leading edge of technical support. R&D Department innovate domestically, develop the advanced shuttle car storage system and other large projects storage which improve the technical innovation for the new era of traditional racks.  


Business Expending Department, as a new energetic and fearless vital force, bring  a stream of fresh blood into the whole company. BED has recruited highly educated talents who also have studying overseas background. Through continuous training, combining the advanced knowledge from inland and abroad, while maintaing the original bussiness on the basis, they have paid more attentions to the improvement of E-business. Gradually, these actions have strengthened corporate culture which brings Jracking to new vitality. BED has released products on Alibaba, Made-in-China, Global Market or other well-know EC platform. Attaching the coustomer resources, letting more and more foreign clients know about Jracking and be familiar with us. The bridge of communication between Jracking and World has been built up by our enthusiastic reception and practised English level.