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What are the factors that determ ...price of warehouse racking

- Aug 16, 2017 -

The development of warehouse racking indicates the development of country. Due to the era development, increasingly manufacturers appeared, so more warehouse racking is needed. For the requirements of people, the price of warehouse racking has become an important judgment basis. Now we analyze the racking price which determined by what factors.


1. According to the structure of racking: Because the material of the racking is different, the cost is different. It is mainly from the three sides of the upright, beam and panel. This can also decide the cost of the racking.


2. According to the dimension of racking: It depends on the requirement of customer, but the customization must be more expensive than the ready-made. The size is bigger, the materials will be used more, and the cost will be more expensive.


3. According to the load capacity: Load capacity of racking is very important, but the racking itself need have high quality materials to guarantee the load capacity, the price is also the basis of this.

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