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Warehouse Racks Moistureproof In The Rainy Days

- May 27, 2017 -

Most of the time, everyone thought the surface of racks is processed, not afraid of water, there is no need to moisture proof prevent wet. Occasionally it does not matter, but have some influence more or less. Especially some racks we used in a long period, its surface protective layer may be relaxed, even fall off. So at this moment racks used for a long time in moist air that are easy to rust. Therefore, in this rainy weather the best way is to do a good job of moisture proof to protect racks.

Now the normal ways to moisture proof are:

1. Try not open the door of warehouse where is the racks inside

2.  Every once in a while to see whether there is water accumulated on the racks

3.  Use dry cloth to wipe the water droplets on the surface of the racks and keep drying

Of course, we can not only depend on the maintenance and management of afterwards, preliminary design is also very important

1. Designing plan should be based on different situation of areas and climate

2.  To make the whole closed to the warehouse

3. Do drainage and leakage repair and maintenance management of the warehouse

4. To compile statistics on humidity, wind direction, wind speed and air pressure inside and outside of warehouse


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