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Warehouse Racking Market Development Trends Analysis

- Jul 28, 2017 -

As one of the most basic storage equipment in the logistics link, the storage racking has a wide range of applications in manufacturing, logistics centers, tobacco, medicine, commerce, electromechanical and other industries. As one of the most important equipment storage racking, with a connecting role, on the one hand can make full use of warehouse space, reduce the storage cost; on the other hand, through reasonable arrangement, the access operation can effectively save the human resources. It can be said that storage racking is an important component of modern warehouse, is an important component of modern logistics centers and distribution centers.

1. The development of e-commerce industry led the storage racking industry

The internet has increased the traditional industry sales channel. It has affected the warehouse racking sales present situation. Through various platforms, users in different regions can see the products of the racking company. Although there are still some restriction on the storage racking industry sales, but for household, kitchen, study, warehouse, cafeteria and other places as long as the use of light duty storage racking can be very good to improve the space utilization rate. These light duty racking can be well sold online, with low cost, easy installation, and easy transportation, which are the advantages of this light duty racking.

2. High land prices to promote the development of the upper space

Factories, workshops and warehouses are the main supply objects for storage racking. But the cost of expanding the factory is too high. So many enterprises want to make good use of the only warehouse area to maximize the utilization of the warehouse. Jracking recommended heavy duty storage racking. It can make the heavy warehouse to improve the utilization rate of more than 50%.

3. Reasonable warehouse layout and automated warehouse system

Modern warehousing system has become an important regulatory center in the logistics and supply chain system. Advanced infrastructure is based on modern warehousing, such as ASRS, store a variety of goods racking system, including radio shuttle system and other ancillary products, storage racking system, temperature control, spraying, monitoring system installed with automatic delivery of goods. Through the reasonable application of modern information technology, to effectively organize and dispatch materials from the storage to the warehouse, from storage to transportation and other activities, and thus more efficient operation, and achieved considerable economic benefits.

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