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VNA Racking System Flatness Specification (2 Of 2)

- Mar 22, 2018 -

International general (VNA) flatness specification


1. UK TR34 2003 Edition

In recent years, some concepts are easily heard in the industry, such as "super flat floor", "one kind of floor" or "two types of floor". It is necessary to point out that these concepts are derived from the levelness classification of the Orienteering floor in the Third Edition (2003) of the technical report of the Concrete Association of Concrete Association of the United Kingdom (TR-34). TR-34 third version of the flat level of the VNA narrow laneway is divided into the above three grades according to the different shelf height. The corresponding eigenvalues of each grade in Table 1 reflect the longitudinal height difference and fluctuation of the two front wheels (load-bearing wheels) and the lateral height difference when the VNA forklift truck travels along the fixed track.


2. UK TR34 2013 Edition

With the gradual development of the industry, the technical report TR-34 of the British Concrete Association was officially upgraded to the fourth version in 2013. At the same time, a new leveling standard for directional traffic was introduced. It is also the European standard EN15620, and is widely adopted in the world.


Also based on the height of the shelf, the floor level is divided into 3 categories: DM1 (shelf is higher than 13 meters), DM2 (shelf 8 meter -13) and DM3 (shelf less than 8 meters). The test of this standard will use the digital curve meter Face Profile graph to carry out the directional continuous measurement of the floor. The detection method can be understood as: a self-propelled wheeled robot, according to the actual requirements of a specified track forklift, forklift truck simulation in the roadway in the actual walking condition, data relation to record the entire roadway at each wheel.


The 4 eigenvalues in the table reflect the height difference and height difference rate of the forklift front wheel and the height difference of the front and rear axle of the forklift and the change rate of height difference. This standard and testing method scientifically reflect the actual moving status of the forklift in the roadway, making the flatness of the VNA ground flat reasonably return to the actual use demand.


The results of the test will reflect the 4 characteristic values in Table 2 in the form of a graph, that is, the height difference and the rate of change between the front wheels, the height difference between the front and back wheels and the rate of change. The transverse coordinates in the curve are the detection length of the channel, and the ordinate is the admissible value of the eigenvalue. The specific location of the problem and the severity of the problem, it is easy to find the answer in the image, and also facilitate the rectification work in the later period.


3. ACI Fmin in the United States

In the US ACI document, there is a standard Fmin for the detection of directional flooring, and the standard is also very scientific. It needs to be pointed out that it has a lot of similarities with the British TR-34. This standard is calculated with the following formula, which is relatively difficult to understand.


1. the maximum height difference =mm (L300mm)

2. the ratio of the biggest change

When 300mmL400mm

When L400mm = =

The L= measurement length (unit mm) includes the distance between the front and back axes and the left and right wheels.

= floor evenness value.

4. Germany DIN 15185

The German standard DIN 15185 was also used to detect the VNA narrow laneway floor. Floor leveling grades are divided into two categories (based on a shelf of less than 6 meters and more than 6 meters). This standard evolved from the rule of ruler. Because it was formulated in the 90s of last century, it was classified according to the relatively low threshold of 6 meters, which is obviously difficult to meet the development demand of high rack storage floor.


In a word, in order to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the logistics and storage system, the flatness of the floor is very important to the narrow VNA laneway. Griffith consulting recommendations should be according to the actual condition of high requirements and forklift shelves, using the correct flatness standard to design and acceptance of VNA narrow roadway floor.


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