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VNA racking system flatness specification (1 of 2)

- Mar 20, 2018 -

With the rapid development of the logistics industry, the narrow aisle (VNA) system has been introduced to a rapid growth period after the introduction of the domestic system. For logistics warehouses, the flatness of VNA narrow laneway is a very important factor, because narrow shelving is usually high, and there is a trend of gradual increase in recent years. But the construction process often encounter some problems, such as the owner or lessee of a large amount of money into the VNA system in order to improve warehouse operation efficiency, it is often not in accordance with the design speed of VNA forklift operation, there are many reasons can be attributed to the floor flatness is poor, so had to limit the speed of forklift. This greatly reduces the efficiency of the warehouse operation, and then increases the operating cost.


1. What specification should the flatness of the floor is used for?

It is erroneous and unscientific to use gauge to regulate the narrow roadway floor of VNA, because this standard cannot really reflect the bumping or swaying of VNA forklift when running on fixed track. Although the standard is easy to understand, it is relatively old for modern logistics and warehousing industry and cannot meet its actual needs. In addition, the defect of the standard of the ruler also includes the following points: 1. the detection method is not very clear. 2. Cannot reflect the level of floor level. 3. Does not reflect the actual value required for the VNA forklift. According to the unreasonableness of measuring by ruler, see Figure 2 (for example, two different flatness of ground flat in Figure 2, the results obtained by measuring by the ruler are exactly the same).


2. American FF/FL standards?

In recent years, there will be a number of cases in which the American FF/FL (ASTM E1155M) standard is mistakenly used in the narrow laneway floor of the VNA. In fact, in the US ASTM E1155M file, it is expressly stated: "this detection method cannot be used to specify the smoothness and level of directional track equipment, such as narrow laneway in warehousing."


In the ASTM E1155M file, the FF/FL standard is suitable for testing the flatness and level of the free floor and is not applicable to the directional floor. In fact, the real influence of VNA forklift operation is the change of height difference and height difference on the wheel track of forklift truck, and the FF/FL value can't reflect such characteristic value. Therefore, it is neither reasonable nor acceptable to adopt the FF/FL standard for VNA narrow roadway floor. If this standard is wrongly placed in the VNA narrow laneway floor construction contract, it is not only difficult to reflect the actual demand of the floor, but also will be placed in a more passive situation by one or both parties.


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