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Using Standard Of Warehouse Storage Rack (3 Of 4)

- Sep 04, 2018 -

4 unit load placement


(1) No maximum unit load should be placed beyond the supplier's requirements.


(2) Cargo stacking or pallet storage should not be dropped.


(3) Storage racks should set up warning signs to show their maximum rated load and loading mode. When there are many different loading capacity racks in a warehouse area, the storage racks should clearly display the relevant maximum rated load and loading mode.


(4) The actual size of the unit load shall not exceed the clearance required to ensure safe operation of the storage racks unless considered in the design of the storage racks. (Figure opening, protruding and hanging out all affect tray load type of load layout)




(5) Load arrangement should be determined according to the actual situation of the goods. The load arrangement should be consistent with the design load capacity. Refer to the way of loading provided by the supplier.


(6) Should not stand on the rack when placing load.


(7) Forklifts should be driven carefully at all times to avoid damaging the racks.


(8) The specified unit load pallets shall be placed on the support members of the storage racks in the correct direction as specified. Tray support and correct direction of beam track.


(9) The pallet positioning tray on the support shall be symmetrically arranged with a pair of pallet-type rack crossbeams in the front and rear directions or with the guide rails of the driving-in rack beams in the left and right directions.


(10) When the lowest rack tray is supported on the floor, it is advisable to set a tray placement guide line on both sides of the channel for positioning.




Daily maintenance


1. General rule


Storage racks should be checked daily, especially for damage that has occurred. If necessary, timely corrective actions should be taken based on the consideration of the existing protective measures. All inspection data, discovery and remedial measures should be kept well. The warehouse racks should be inspected regularly by professional suppliers or experienced and trained personnel.


2. Check content


(1) The main structure should be inspected:


A) Collision damage to any part of the structure.


B) The inclination of a column.


C) The working condition and effectiveness of the protective device for gaskets, bolts, locking devices, columns and columns.


D) Cracks that may occur in welding or base metal.


E) The condition of the building floor.


F) The position of goods on pallets.


G) The position of the pallet on the rack.


H) The status and location of all bearing parts.


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Jracking strictly implements ISO9001, FEM10.2.02, SEMA, and AS4084-1993 standard in all operations. Jracking offers a wide range of products to meet all of your order fulfillment & material handling needs: Teardrop pallet rack, Dexion pallet rack, European pallet rack and other Work Apparatus. Whether you are looking to populate an entire warehouse or you are in need of a single piece of equipment, Jracking has a solution for you.

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