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Three Common Layout Patterns Of Storage Racking

- Sep 29, 2017 -

Storage racking appear to make full use of warehouse space, and now the customer has more and more high demand for warehouse space utilization. And how can the warehouse achieve the maximum utilization rate? Besides choosing the appropriate storage racking type, it is very important to scientifically and reasonably layout the storage shelves.


Jracking shows you three common ways of storage racking layout as following:


1. Arrange in a horizontal line: Product allocation arrange in the row of width direction, in the column of length direction. It is suitable for storing small cargos, and easy to transport. General 2-4 of each row of racking and can be divided into 2-8 product allocation. It is widely used.


2. Arrange in a vertical line: Product allocation arrange in the row of length direction, in the column of width direction. It is suitable for storage long irregular materials such as section steel and tubing. Transport vehicles can usually be parked nearest to the cargos. It is used in bulk and bagged warehouses. This method is also available when the width of the warehouse is too narrow.


3. Arrange in a wraparound: Product allocation in the warehouse is arranged against the wall. It is suitable for storing small cargos and little warehouse. It generally used for office room but also easy to access and clean up. The scene is mostly used for the maintenance room, and the middle is the work yard.


Generally storage racking company will according to customer planning shelf warehouse situation, including whether there are pillars in the warehouse, product size, import and export direction and other factors, decided to adopt what kind of layout.


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