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The Specification Of Rack Position

- Oct 16, 2018 -

How to reduce the cost of warehouse management, improve the efficiency of management, reduce the occurrence of the above problems, we need managers to use their brains, the following will be from the warehouse space - rack standard for everyone to provide a few quick goods classification, easy to find methods.


The rack space information refers to the arrangement of the storage places of the goods in stock according to their locations, using a unified logo to mark the order number and make a clear mark.


1. Section numbering


The warehouse area is divided into several sections, and each section is numbered. This method is based on the section as a unit, each number represents a storage area, and section number for the warehouse is simple. If no racks, storage area can be divided into 1, 2, 3 etc. several sections.


2. Item group


After collecting some goods with strong correlation, they are divided into several item groups, and then each item group is numbered. This approach is applicable to sellers who are easy to store and sell by commodity groups, such as those who operate in multiple categories.


3. Address form


Code the warehouse, section, row, row, layer, grid, etc. Four sets of numbers can be used to indicate the location of the goods in stock. Four sets of numbers represent the number of the warehouse, the number of racks, the number of racks and the number of cells in each layer. For example, the number of 1-12-1-5, you can know the meaning of the number is: 1 warehouse, 12 racks, the first floor of the fifth grid, according to rack information can quickly determine the specific storage location of a certain commodity.


Rack space information should be compiled to ensure that the racks of a warehouse are numbered in the same way, so as to facilitate the search and processing. Scientific and reasonable rack position information is conducive to the scientific maintenance and storage of goods in stock. In the process of goods in and out of storage, according to rack position information can be quickly, accurately and conveniently completed operation, improve efficiency and reduce error.


Jracking is specialized in producing various pallet rack, cantilever rack, electric mobile rack storage system, mezzanine and platform, shuttle car automatic storage system, push back rack, longspan rack, rivet rack, drive in rack, carton flow rack, stacking rack and other related storage equipment.


Jracking strictly implements ISO9001, FEM10.2.02, SEMA, and AS4084-1993 standard in all operations. Jracking offers a wide range of products to meet all of your order fulfillment & material handling needs: Teardrop pallet rack, Dexion pallet rack, European pallet rack and other Work Apparatus. Whether you are looking to populate an entire warehouse or you are in need of a single piece of equipment, Jracking has a solution for you.

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