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The Role Of Warehousing In Modern Logistics

- Jul 28, 2017 -

Warehousing is an indispensable part of modern logistics. As for the importance of warehousing to logistics system, we can further understand it from the point of view of supply chain. From the perspective of supply chain, logistics process can be regarded as consisting of a series of "supply" and "demand", when the supply and demand of rhythm is not consistent, the two cannot be very good convergence, production of products cannot exist without immediate consumption or demand products meet, at this time. You need to establish the product reserves, will not immediately consumed products stored for later to meet the demand.

Storage can guarantee the quality of the goods before the next step. In the storage of goods, inspection of product quality can effectively prevent the fake and shoddy products into the market, protect the rights and interests of consumers, and protect the reputation of manufacturers to a certain extent. To ensure the quality of the products mainly to two aspects: one is through the warehouse storage of goods in quality inspection to see whether the goods meet the storage requirements, prohibited unqualified products into the yard, two during the storage of goods, to try to make the products of physical and chemical changes do not occur, try to reduce inventory loss of goods.

Warehousing is a necessary condition to ensure the successful reproduction of society. The storage process of goods is not only the necessary guarantee for the smooth flow of commodities, but also the guarantee of the process of production.

Storage is an important means to speed up the circulation of commodities and save the cost of circulation. Although the goods stored in the warehouse is in a static state, it will increase the time cost and financial cost. But on the whole, it will not only bring loss and increase the financial cost of time. It can help speed up the circulation, and save the operation cost. When it comes to the necessity of warehousing, it has been mentioned that warehousing can effectively reduce transportation and production costs, resulting in lower overall costs.

Warehousing can prepare goods for entry into the market. Warehousing can complete sorting, packaging, quality inspection, sorting and other procedures before the goods enter the market, so that it can shorten the working time of the follow-up step and speed up the circulation of commodities.

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