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The Role Of Modern Warehousing In Logistics System

- Jul 28, 2017 -

Strategic role change in warehousing: long-term storage of raw materials and finished goods - Logistics objectives with shorter turnaround times, lower inventory rates, lower costs, and better customer service. Warehousing can produce time effectiveness for raw materials, industrial goods and finished goods.

The warehouse adds value to the logistics system:

1. Transport integration of raw materials, will be the integration of LTL and LCL and FCL transportation vehicle for finished goods receiving, ready for the goods, and then packing for LTL and LCL goods to the market

2. The products were mixed according to the needs of customers and to complete orders efficiently. It can also combine raw materials and semi-finished products, the whole truck from the supply warehouse to the factory (to reduce transportation costs). The warehouse operation can realize the product combination. The newly arrived goods are properly arranged and transported to the delivery platform, loaded into the van and headed for a particular customer.

3. The service prepares the goods as requested in the warehouse when the order is placed by the customer.

4. To keep watch the emergencies and constitute the measures.

5. Tranquilization makes the operation process and subsequent stage more stable.

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