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The Reason Why Jracking Is Popular

- Jul 28, 2017 -

Jracking is now the new favorite of the logistics industry. The popularity of the racking industry has also increased competition between warehouse racking manufacturers. Why is the warehouse racking so popular? Now the racking manufacturers are increasing, low profits, but the warehouse racking factory is on the rise, indicating that demand continues to increase. The following is that Jracking share 5 big reasons and characteristics why Jracking is more popular:

1. Wide range of applications. This is an important reason for the popularity of warehouse racking, there is no requirement of goods, and basically all goods can be stored in the warehouse racking.

2. Height is not limited. Warehouse racking height can be freely selective, the minimum can be up to 1.5m, the maximum can reach 30m, this is because of the restrictions caused by the warehouse space, and each layer of space is adjustable, very convenient.

3. Load capacity. Warehouse racking also known as heavy duty racking, is because of its strong load capacity. This is the biggest advantage. It has several layers of heavy racking, each with two units can put the goods, each unit load capacity can reach 2000KG, which is the weight of two tons, and heavy racking each can reach four tons of load capacity, so the heavy racking load capacity will be more.

4. Sorting and storing are convenient. Arrangement of Jracking’s product is very clear. When the storage of goods can be directly move to the forklift to store, whether inventory or pickup are very convenient. And when you pick the goods, you can see all the goods.

5. Easy installation. Jracking’s product unlike other racking, are connected by bolts or directly welded. Some are made of a combination type. Through special design and plug-in combination, it is very convenient to assemble and disassemble.

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