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The Principle And Advantages Of AGV

- Feb 07, 2018 -

Natural guidance is currently an advanced way of navigation. It uses laser measurement sensors to measure, scan and recognize the surrounding natural environment, such as walls, pillars and other landmark objects, so as to build the surrounding environment into navigation map system. During the actual walking process, the sensors measure the distance and environment continuously by rotating the laser in the field of vision. AGV compares and calculates the static shape of the object scanned by the laser sensor and the navigation map in the vehicle, so as to control the vehicle's moving. According to the different navigation devices, the natural guidance maximum detection distance can reach 100 meters, which can satisfy almost all scenarios. The accuracy of navigation stopping is comparable to that of laser guided AGV.


At present, the main guiding methods of AGV application in China are laser guidance, magnetic tape guidance or magnetic guidance, coordinate guidance, inertial guidance and so on. In the field implementation process, laser guidance needs to install reflectors according to the surrounding environment, and tape or magnetic guidance should be applied to tape and magnetic studs on the AGV driving path. All these work is to make AGV have a good navigation environment, ensure the normal driving of the AGV, and these jobs take up most of the time and work. While natural guidance AGV does not need to rely on installing other auxiliary navigation objects in the field implementation process, it only needs to make the AGV automatically run along the planning route in the existing environment for a week, so that the surrounding environment can be built in the vehicle map. From this, it can be seen that in today's efficiency, the natural guidance of AGV makes the implementation of the scene more simple, greatly reducing the time and cost of installation.


Natural guidance has certain requirements for the environment, and the environment in the navigation area is steady. In some scenarios in complex environment, need not add any additional component, can choose the laser guided and guided composite guidance mode of natural mixed, namely the use of laser in the complicated environment of the local guide, use the natural environment in a relatively fixed place guide. This cannot only guarantee the efficiency and stability of the system, but also save time and cost of installation. It is worth mentioning that its navigation device can also be a conventional safe laser sensor, as long as it meets the requirements of the vehicle for measurement and environment. In this way, the navigation device can not only be used as a guide device, but also have the function of safety protection.


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