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The Difference Between And Logistics Center

- Aug 11, 2017 -

A warehouse is the general term for the premises of storage and maintenance of goods. In the past, goods were stored in warehouses for longer periods, and the variety of items was also very simple, so the main function of the warehouse was to store goods and maintenance. But in modern warehouses, the storage time of items in the warehouse tends to be shorter or shorter to reduce the capital backlog. There is also a large variety of goods. The quantity, speed and number of distribution have been increased in geometric progression. From quantitative to qualitative change, some warehouse names are transformed into distribution centers and logistics centers.


A warehouse is the general term for the premises of storage and maintenance of goods. The distribution center is a place where many items are stored and stored for a short period of time, and are distributed to many retail stores (such as specialty stores, retail stores, supermarkets, etc.) or end customers. The logistics center is a place to store many items and deliver many items to the distribution center.


The distribution center is characterized by its position in the downstream of logistics. Generally, there are many kinds of storage varieties and short storage cycle. To enable retail stores or end customers not to set up warehouses or to set up fewer warehouses and no convoys, it has a powerful multi-customer, multi-variety, multi-frequency selection and distribution function. Because many customers, multiple varieties can realize the scale, common and cost savings of the protection and transportation. The distribution center usually adopts the "door to door" car transportation, whose operation scope is small (20 ~ 300 kilometers), for the final customer service of the region.


To illustrate, warehouse, logistics center and distribution center are self-employed or on behalf of clients store and transport goods, it can be said that in the past the various departments at all levels, storage and transportation company, it is more difficult to distinguish, sometimes they have obvious cross business customers; and many varieties, the so-called multi frequency small choose or bulk car or rail transport and large batch storage mode, is also a relative.

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