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The Characteristics Of Digital Logistics

- Mar 07, 2018 -

1 Shortcut


First of all, the Internet has broken through the limitation of space distance. The networks of different countries and regions have been integrated into one another, so that the whole world is closely linked, so that things far away can be processed just as before. Secondly, it breaks through the constraints of time, so that people's information transmission and economic exchanges can be carried out in a very short time span.


Now it's the time of the speed economy. The logistics activities of the global supply chain is very broad and the amount of information is extremely complex large system, digital logistics available light transmission of information, information network to close to the speed of real-time collection, processing and application of information, greatly speeding up the pace, to improve the efficiency of the supply chain, supply chain optimization has opened up broad prospects.


2 Fusion


The rapid development of information technology and network technology has a guiding role in the modernization of all walks of life. It makes the information service industry expand rapidly to all walks of life, and strengthens the trend of the integration of various industries through information links. The logistics industry and various industries have natural and inextricable links, and the integration effect is more obvious. Digital logistics is a new digital system itself, with strong fusion, will have two effects: one is to strengthen the communication and integration between the industry and related industries, and government departments, the external environment and conditions for the development of the industry will become very good; two is between the supply chain logistics links. And the supply chain will form a harmonious unity between enterprises, eliminate or greatly reduce the difficulty of integration and optimization of supply chain.


3 Self-growth


The value of digital economy is equal to the square of the number of nodes in the network. This shows that the benefits generated by the network will increase exponentially with the increase of network users. The same number of logistics in accordance with the above rules, when the digital logistics system newly started and development, because of the psychological reaction and behavior of people's inertia, under certain conditions, advantage or disadvantage of the event and to a certain extent, will lead to rising trend and self-strengthening, "the strong stronger and the weak weaker monopoly" the "winner".


4 increasing marginal benefit


The marginal effect (marginal utility) refers to the effect of increasing or decreasing the amount of goods or services that a new unit adds or reduces every time, or the slope of the map of utility, commodity or service volume. Economics generally believes that with the increase of the quantity of goods or services, the marginal utility will be gradually reduced, called the law of diminishing marginal effect. However, the digital logistics is on the contrary, and the marginal benefit is increasing.


5 sustainability - green logistics, environmental affinity


To a large extent, digital logistics can effectively prevent the excessive consumption of traditional logistics to tangible resources and energy, cause environmental pollution and ecological deterioration, and achieve the sustainable development of social economy.


6 Directness


Due to the development of the network economy, the organizational structure tends to flat, in the network endpoint producers and end users can directly contact, reduces the necessity of the existence of middlemen and level of traditional intermediate links, thereby significantly reducing the logistics cost and improve the economic benefits of the supply chain.


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