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The Basic Form Of The Layout Of The Warehouse Area

- May 11, 2018 -

The purpose of the layout of the warehouse area is to improve the warehouse land and space utilization. On the other hand, it is to improve the quality of the storage of goods, to facilitate the operation of the warehouses, and to reduce the cost of storage and disposal of the goods.


The basic idea of the layout of the warehouse area

1. Centralize the goods with similar characteristics.

2. The items with large unit size and large unit quality are stored on the bottom rack and near the outgoing area and aisle.

3. Store the goods with high turnover rate in the most convenient location for loading and unloading.

4. Centralize storage of goods from the same supplier or the same customer for sorting and distribution.


The warehouse area layout is divided into plane layout and space layout

1. Plane layout

The layout refers to the reasonable planning of cargo stacks, aisles, stacking spacing, delivery areas, and correctly handling their relative positions. The form of layout can be summarized as vertical and inclined


(1) Vertical layout means that the arrangement of cargo stacks or shelves is perpendicular to or parallel to the side walls of the warehouse, including horizontal layout, column layout and vertical and horizontal layout.

a) Horizontal layout refers to the length of cargo stacks or shelves perpendicular to the side walls of warehouses. The main advantages of this layout are: the main channel is long and wide, the secondary channel is short, neat and beautiful, easy to access and check. If it is used in the warehouse layout, it is also beneficial to ventilation and lighting.

b) Vertical layout refers to the length of cargo stacks or racks parallel to the side walls of warehouses. The main advantage of this layout is that the goods can be arranged on the basis of the different storage time and the frequent entry and exit: the items in the short storage time and the frequent entry and exit are placed on both sides of the main channel; the items in the long storage time and the infrequent entry to the library are placed on the inside side.

c) Vertical and horizontal layout refers to the combination of horizontal layout and tandem layout in the same place of storage, which can make full use of the advantages of the two layouts.


(2) The inclined layout refers to the angle between cargo stacks or shelves at 60 degrees, 45 degrees or 30 degrees. Specifically, cargo stacking inclined layout and channel sloping layout.

a) The inclined layout of the cargo stacks is the deformation of the horizontal layout, which is used to facilitate the operation of the forklift, to reduce the rotation angle of the forklift and to improve the efficiency of the operation.

b) The inclined layout of the channel means that the storage area of the warehouse is slanted into the storage area, and the warehouse is divided into different operation characteristics, such as storage area and storage area in a small amount, so as to make comprehensive utilization. The layout form is complex in the warehouse, and there are many ways to store and enter the warehouse.

2. Space layout

Space layout refers to the layout of inventory items in warehouse space, and its purpose is to make full use of warehouse space effectively. The main forms of space layout are in situ stacking, storage on the upper shelf, plus platform, air suspension and so on.


There are many advantages in using racks to store goods, which can be summarized as follows:

(1) It is convenient to make full use of warehouse space, improve storage utilization and expand storage capacity.

(2) The complementary extrusion of goods in the rack ensures the integrity of the product itself and its packaging

(3) The goods in each layer of the rack can be freely accessed at any time, so as to facilitate FIFO

(4) Goods are stored on shelves, which can prevent damp-proof and dustproof. Some special shelves can also prevent damage, guard against theft and prevent damage.



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