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The Advantages Of Goods To People System

- Jan 25, 2018 -

1. High efficiency of order-picking


Take the case of zero picking as an example, the "goods to people" picking system can finish about 800~1000 orders per hour, which is 8~15 times of the traditional zero picking (including paper picking, RF picking). This is a great advantage for the selection of the large electronic commerce logistics distribution center, which is often hundreds of people.


Another indicator of efficiency is accuracy. With the auxiliary sorting system, such as electronic tag, RF terminal, weighing system, and so on, the picking system of "cargo to person" has very high accuracy. The accuracy rate of the traditional sorting system generally lingers from 99.5% to 99.9%, while the error of the "cargo to man" selection system can be controlled within 5/10000. From this, we can fundamentally remove the review link and further reduce the staff.


2. Storage efficiency


The storage density of the "goods to people" selection system is greatly improved. Take the case of zero picking, for example, the traditional way of picking up most of the work space is less than 2 meters. Even if using the attic shelf system, the utilization rate of its space is very limited, which is below 25%, and the utilization rate of some systems is even below 15%. The "goods to man" system uses three-dimensional storage mode, the utilization rate of space can reach more than 45%; if the intensive storage technology is used, the utilization rate of the space can reach more than 60%, which is 4~5 times the traditional way. Considering that the operation area of the large logistics distribution center can reach more than 50 thousand square meters and the space utilization rate is greatly improved, its economic benefit will be very significant.


3. Reducing labor intensity


Another important advantage of the "goods to people" picking is to reduce the labor intensity of the workers significantly, which is the concrete embodiment of the "people-oriented" design concept of the logistics system.


The traditional "people to goods" and the zero picking operation, because of the large field of work, the completion of a shift operation often requires the pick clerk to take a long journey, and the employees are miserable. However, there is almost no walking distance between the "goods to man" and the zero picking operation. The picking position fully takes into account the comfort of the human body. Some can adjust the height of the platform freely, so as to adapt to the needs of different height workers and make the labor intensity greatly reduced.


In addition, the "goods to person" selection system also has a number of advantages, such as safe storage, fast storage and so on. It is unparalleled in traditional sorting system.

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