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Teardrop Pallet Rack Installation Instructions

- Dec 19, 2017 -

Storage shelves are usually shipped in the shelf beams and columns  separately packaged separately, to install the storage shelves first of  all to understand the structure of each part of the storage shelves.

We  now have a frame on the answer to the location of the various parts of  the storage shelves in mind, and then need to prepare the details of the  material required for the installation of storage shelves are as  follows: pliers, screwdrivers, wrenches, plastic hammer, two columns,  layer Plate, beams.

Steps / methods:

1.  After the customer receives the goods, he / she should first check the  delivery list according to our list, count the quantity correctly, and  make the installation intact. If you have any questions, please contact the manufacturer immediately to solve.

2.  The first major installation, the first two columns installed beam  distance placed, and then the end of the beam stuck in the column's  butterfly mouth, the other end of the beam as well. Install the other side and then press the other side of the beam, so  that the general framework of storage shelves came out, all the beams  installed (usually layers) to start the installation of laminates.

3. Then start the bracing or shelf installation at each floor of the storage shelves.

4, install the sub-frame, the sub-shelf beams and columns arranged in a  row, and then docking with the main shelf column, adjust the distance.

5, the installation of a good shelf reference to the acceptance  criteria for storage shelves, the use of plastic hitting the column and  the corresponding parts of the beam will be adjusted to the most  appropriate location.

6,  the project concealed before the test, after passing the construction  can be continued, the appropriate amount of external inspection of  various parts of the inspection rack is securely installed. It is also the durability of the test shelf.

7,  after the installation is safe, the self-test shall be concealed and  placed in the storage shelves of the warehouse to be fixed to the foot  so as to prevent the occurrence of the cheaper place and maintain its  stability. After  the shelves in the warehouse are installed, a thorough inspection of  the shelves should be carried out to ensure that each shelf is firm and  stable.

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