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Structure Of Reciprocating Shuttle Car

- Aug 30, 2018 -

Reciprocating shuttle car is mainly composed of body system, conveying device, address recognition device, rail system, safety protection device, electrical device and shuttle vehicle dispatching management.


1. Car body system. The car body system of the shuttle car is mainly composed of a frame body, a walking driving device and an ornamental cover. The frame body is the main body bearing other components, which is mainly welded by shape steel. The driving device consists of a transmission shaft, a driving wheel and a motor. High-tech polyurethane material is used in the running wheel of the driving device, which not only improves the wear resistance of the wheel, but also greatly reduces the friction between the wheel and the running wheel, thus prolonging the service life of the wheel. In addition, the car body can be designed according to the overall process flow to meet the needs of double station.


2. Conveying device. The conveying device is a conveying part of the material, which is mounted on the car body and the frame adopts a steel structure. According to the form of materials, we can choose roller conveyor, chain conveyor, belt conveyor and other conveyor forms. At the same time, we can design a double conveyor device according to the overall process flow to meet the demand of double-station conveyor, which can greatly improve the conveying capacity.


3. Address recognition device. The address recognition device is a positioning signal device for the shuttle vehicle running out of the storage platform. There are chain type, synchronous belt type, friction wheel type, laser type, bar code type and so on, which can be selected according to different electronic control modes. The accuracy and reliability of the location device directly affect the positioning accuracy and running smoothness of the speed car. Therefore, different location methods should be selected according to the operation capacity requirements and investment costs of the equipment.


4. Guide rail system. The guide rail system consists of a guide rail and a stop. It is a guide for carrying the shuttle car foundation and walking. The guide rail has two forms: Light Rail purchased and professional aluminum guide. Both guide rails are equipped with stoppers, including bumpers and brackets, which are installed at both ends of the track to prevent the shuttle car from rushing out of the track in an accident. Rail types are selected according to the operation requirements and investment costs of the equipment.


5. Safety protector for shuttle car. Shuttle car is equipped with safety distance detection device and obstacle detector, if it is detected that there are abnormalities in its set range, it will send out sound and light alarm until it stops operation. Safety protection device can effectively protect workers and goods in the shuttle car operating area without affecting the normal operation of the shuttle vehicle. It is safe in the field and effectively prevents the damage of the shuttle car itself.


6. The electrical device of shuttle car. The electrical device is composed of PLC, frequency conversion driver, photoelectric switch, encoder, bar code identifier and so on. Different traveling speeds are equipped with different electronic control modes. At present, the more common traveling speed is 180 m/min reciprocating shuttle. The electronic control mode is speed and displacement double closed-loop control. The power supply mode mainly includes three modes: flexible cable power supply, sliding contact line power supply and contactless power supply mode.


7. Shuttle car management system. The shuttle bus scheduling management system is composed of computer, communication card, dispatching management software and communication software. The shuttle car has its own control of PLC, which is responsible for the control of single shuttle vehicle's walking, turning, positioning, conveying and so on. Through Profibus-DP bus, the shuttle and shuttle vehicle dispatching system is configured to realize timely and free communication.


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