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Structure Characteristics Of Jracking Mezzanine

- May 27, 2017 -

The structure of Jracking mezzanine is assembly type, without on-site welding, the overall beauty and generosity. Compared with the concrete structure and steel structure, due to play a supporting role on the floor above the ground floor shelf itself has the advantages of low cost, high utilization of the advantages of space.

There are many types of floors in the structure of mezzanine such as glaze floor, riffled floor, grated floor and perforated floor. They can be adapted to fire, ventilation, lighting and other use requirements. The upper and lower floors of the goods can be picked up by forklifts, hydraulic lifts, freight ladders, etc. the goods are transported by the same floor, usually with small trolleys.

Loading capacity of Jracking mezzanine is usually 300Kg to 1000kg per square meters. Strong loading capacity and less steel pipe is used to produce upright. Primary and secondary beam can be selected according to the loading required.

Jracking mezzanine floor adopts the buckle structure with the primary and secondary beam steel fixed. The whole platform structure is strong and it can be chosen different floors according to actual requirement to prevent fire, dust or small goods falling. The lighting system can be also configured under the floor.

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