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Storage Form And Rack Type Of Gr...roducts Warehouse(2 Of 2)

- Nov 06, 2018 -

Push back rack: Pallet rack evolved, consisting of rack and multi-layer overlapping pallet truck. The pallet truck crosses the inclined track through bearings (about 3 degrees of track gradient) and utilizes the weight of the goods. When stocking, the forklift truck puts the goods on the pallet truck at the front end of the rack and stores them back. The forklift truck will push the original cargo inside when storing the cargo; when taking the cargo, when the outside cargo is taken away, the inside tray truck will slide out automatically to facilitate access. The total depth of the rack should not be too deep, generally within 6 pallet depths, otherwise the space will be sacrificed due to the mutual embedding of pallet cars. The utilization rate of space is 60%. The cargo weight is generally less than 1500kg, and the rack height is generally below 6m.




1. At the end of the rack, the pallet has flow ability and follows the advanced sequence.


2. Forklift trucks only operate at the lower end of the rack passage when storing and transporting goods, and do not need to enter the rack passage.


3. High storage density and faster storage speed.


4. When the number of pallets of a product is large and the "first in first out" requirement is not required, the working procedure can be simplified and the benefit is remarkable.


5. It can shorten the picking time and do not need special handling equipment.


6. It can avoid the problem of cargo damage caused by high density storage racks in loading and unloading operations.


Application: Usually used in storage sites are very limited, but it must increase storage capacity or time requirements for goods, etc. for occasions where the requirements for picking goods are not high. It is suitable for the use of finished products storehouse in grain and oil processing enterprises.


Shuttle rack: high density storage system consisting of rack, trolley and fork lift truck. The operator sends instructions to the trolley through the remote control, and the trolley carries the tray cargo to move the goods in the roadway. Forklift truck does not need to enter or leave the rack. When stocking, forklift truck will place the truck in the required roadway, and then put the goods on the track. Through radio remote control operation, the truck will transport the goods to the farthest storage location. After that, the empty truck will automatically return to the front of the storage roadway. When picking up goods, the trolley will automatically find the goods nearest to the pick-up end in the roadway, move them to the front end of the rack, and use forklift truck to remove the pallet goods from the rack, so as to realize the continuous automatic delivery of a specified number of pallets. The trolley can be used in many lanes. It only needs to use forklift to move it to different lanes. The rack can be designed to be 20-40 pallet depth, only in the front or front and back ends of the rack, leaving the operation channel.




1. A large number of forklift operation channels have been saved, so that the utilization rate of warehouse space can reach more than 80%. Under the same warehouse area, the storage capacity is increased by about 20% compared with the driving rack, and the real high-density storage is realized.


2. A forklift operator can work on several shuttle trolleys at the same time, which greatly reduces the waiting time for work and has high efficiency.


3. The mode of operation is flexible, and the way of accessing goods can be FIFO or FILO.


4. Forklift trucks do not need to enter or leave the racks, reduce the collision between racks and forklifts, and improve the safety production efficiency.


5. The lighting requirements are relatively low, compared with other types of racks, the overall investment is less.


Application: It is suitable for moving goods with large quantity or frequency. It can be used in either FIFO or FIFO with high degree of automation. The number of trolley is allocated flexibly, and the overall cost is reasonable. It can even be used as a super high rack, making more use of the projection area per unit, and making use of the stacker to reach the operating height that forklift truck cannot reach. Compared with other types of rack system, shuttle rack system has greater advantages in utilization of warehouse space, storage efficiency of goods and rack investment cost. It is suitable for the finished product warehouse of grain and oil processing enterprises.


Jracking is specialized in producing various pallet rack, cantilever rack, electric mobile rack storage system, mezzanine and platform, shuttle car automatic storage system, push back rack, longspan rack, rivet rack, drive in rack, carton flow rack, stacking rack and other related storage equipment.


Jracking strictly implements ISO9001, FEM10.2.02, SEMA, and AS4084-1993 standard in all operations. Jracking offers a wide range of products to meet all of your order fulfillment & material handling needs: Teardrop pallet rack, Dexion pallet rack, European pallet rack and other Work Apparatus. Whether you are looking to populate an entire warehouse or you are in need of a single piece of equipment, Jracking has a solution for you.

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