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Protective Measures Of Warehouse Racking

- Aug 25, 2017 -

We usually used forklift as the tool to load and unload cargos in the warehouse. Due to the forklift is a mechanical, accidentally will cause damage to racking. So Jracking has added a series of protective measures to all the types of warehouse racking.


Protection measure 1: Using upright or frame protector

Because of the use of forklift have many uncertain factors, especially accidentally impact the racking and cause the damage. Jracking unified upright protector at each corner to prevent damage to forklift operation.


Protection measure 2: Using stiffener

Stiffener is added to the panel of racking, is used to reinforce each of the panels. It will ensure the load capacity and improve safety and stability.


There are some warehouse racking will directly on the panel, and as we know that direct placement will cause the abrasion of panel. 

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