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Problems Existing In Warehouse ...gement And Cost Control(1)

- Sep 04, 2017 -

1. Storage material cost management


The lining material consumed in the storage process accounts for a large proportion of the storage cost. Reduce the maximum potential of warehouse cost is to save the pad and the covering materials and expenditure on labor costs, for which can save part of the cost of expenses, and can guarantee the quality of the material management method of material management, carry out technological innovation and transformation, to fully mining equipment potential. In the management of warehousing costs, we should also carry out separate and classified management, strengthen economic accounting, and reduce warehousing costs.


2. Management of loading and unloading costs in warehouse


Materials in and out of warehouse mainly depend on loading and unloading. The equipment depreciation expense of the handling machinery is the largest proportion of the handling and handling costs in the warehouse. Therefore, warehousing department should first pay attention to in the selection of suitable mechanical equipment when the economy and practicability, should prevent regardless of the actual needs, the greedy big ocean, endless increase of storage equipment depreciation practices.


3. Management of warehousing labor costs


Warehousing labor costs are mainly two aspects: first, warehouse management personnel wages, bonuses, welfare benefits, allowances, etc.; two, warehouse production workers wages, bonuses, allowances, welfare benefits. Warehouse labor cost management should focus on minimizing non production workers wages, because this part of the cost of expenditure and warehousing operations was not directly related, should continuously improve labor productivity, reduce cost continuously living labor warehousing costs. In addition, the choice of reasonable labor organization forms and forms of wages has an important impact on the reduction of labor costs.

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