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Optimal Solution For Small Warehouse-mobile Rack

- Oct 12, 2018 -

In the traditional rack layout, the utilization ratio of floor space has been limited. The use of mobile rack can maximize the shortage of warehouse area. It is especially suitable for the design and use of raw materials and semi-finished products warehouse, also suitable for pet food, premix production enterprises in finished products, raw materials warehouse design.


Mobile rack is easy to control, safe and reliable. Each row of racks is driven by an electric motor, and the rollers installed under the racks move along the guide rail on the ground. Its outstanding advantage is to improve the utilization of space, a group of racks only need an aisle, and a fixed pallet rack aisle only serve the two rows of racks on both sides of the aisle. Therefore, in the same space, the storage capacity of mobile racks is much higher than that of general fixed racks.


Structural characteristics


Mobile rack only need one aisle, space utilization is very high, safe and reliable, easy to move, according to the load can be divided into heavy, medium and light three kinds. Generally speaking, heavy duty rack is controlled by electric motor for easy movement. Light and medium sizes are usually handled by manual.


Product characteristics


(1) Much more storage than general fixed racks, saving space.


(2) Suitable for keeping small varieties, large quantities and low accessing rate goods.


(3) Save floor area, and the floor usage rate is 80%.


(4) Direct access to each item is not restricted by FIFO.


(5) The height can reach 12M, and the storage capacity per unit area can reach 2 times of pallet rack.


So it is widely used in warehouses such as media, library, finance, food and so on.


Jracking is specialized in producing various pallet rack, cantilever rack, electric mobile rack storage system, mezzanine and platform, shuttle car automatic storage system, push back rack, longspan rack, rivet rack, drive in rack, carton flow rack, stacking rack and other related storage equipment.


Jracking strictly implements ISO9001, FEM10.2.02, SEMA, and AS4084-1993 standard in all operations. Jracking offers a wide range of products to meet all of your order fulfillment & material handling needs: Teardrop pallet rack, Dexion pallet rack, European pallet rack and other Work Apparatus. Whether you are looking to populate an entire warehouse or you are in need of a single piece of equipment, Jracking has a solution for you.

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