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On Social Environment And Inevi...end Of Racking Development

- Nov 14, 2017 -

The development of modern logistics is the premise of emergence of Automatic Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS), and it is adapted to the development of industry and technology. Modern mass production has increasingly promoted the socialization, specialization and centralization of industrial production. Highly mechanized production, automation will inevitably require the supply of materials distribution timely, quickly and accurately. This leads to the rapid development of automatic warehouse technology, and has become a symbol of high-tech in plant design.


When cost saving, efficiency improvement, these modern management concepts become the first consideration of managers, how to effectively use the warehouse space, how to improve the utilization of the space of the warehouse, has also been put on an important position. There are two directions for storage management, one is how to increase the effective use of storage space, and two is how to promote the flow of goods. The storage of goods in the space that the storage space, this space on the surface for storage purposes, but in fact this space for the procurement of goods transportation and distribution of the relay station, thus storage region has become the central hub of the transportation of goods. Therefore, the effective use of storage space has become an important issue for managers and logistics center dealers to improve.


For spatial planning, we must first understand the classification, the use of the space direction, then evaluated in all aspects, design layout after the assessment of the comparison. If the storage space is limited and cannot make planning and design changes, it is necessary to seek ways to make use of the existing storage space to the limit. This puts forward higher requirements for the rack. The emergence of modern warehouse led the development of racking.

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