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On Daily Usage And Maintenance Of Storage Racking

- Nov 16, 2017 -

On previous essays Nanjing Jracking Storage Solutions introduced some good methods to choose the right storage racking for your warehouse. It is also important to use and maintain storage racking in a good way:

1. Some storage racking systems are fixed or installed by bolts and screws. When use this kind of assembled racking, you need to pay special attention to the beam and the column connection parts. Also, it is necessary to check the connection parts regularly to see if any dropped or loose. Fix the problem as soon as possible if any, otherwise it may lead to more serious problems.

2. As for pallet racking, check carefully whether the pallet is placed directly above the beam? Whether the contact between pallet and beam is tight? Is there any uneven situation?

3. As for light duty shelves such as angle steel shelves, pay attention to the loading capacity per level and make sure goods are placed evenly on the panel. Do not overload.

4. Long-term cargo handling may result in partial painting strip of the racking. In this case, you can fix it by yourself: wipe the stripped surface clean, then spray painting carefully on it.

5. Drive-through racking systems are used with the forklift. When operating you need to drive along rail and do not crash the racking frame. Guide rail and protectors should be installed at the bottom of racking.

6. As for manual compactor racking, it is important clean the rail regularly and keep it clean. Dust may make operation unsmooth.

Nanjing Jracking Storage Solutions hope the above suggestions can be helpful to extend the service life of storage racking.

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