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Model Of Pallet Automatic Conveying System

- Jun 04, 2018 -

The automatic transport system of pallet is an important part of automatic warehouse. It also has the function of temporary storage and buffer at the same time of connecting people and work position, work position and position, processing and storage, processing and assembly. Through the rational use of the automatic transport system of the tray, the connection between the various processes can be tighter and the production efficiency is improved. This is a necessary adjustment method in the logistics link.


In the storage system of automated warehouse, the functions of the tray automation transport system generally include delivery, reception, processing and storage of materials, usually including the functions of size checking, weighing and automatic identification. The pallet goods are transported from the ground floor to the B site to complete the time and space transfer function of pallets and materials, while other functions are completed in this process. Pallet automatic conveying system is usually divided into the following modes:


1. Conveyor mode

The so-called conveyor mode is automatic conveying system composed of various automatic conveyors. The tray conveyer has many kinds of forms such as roller, chain, roller, plate, lifting platform. In automatic warehouse system, in order to meet the capacity requirements of the system for the pallet goods, the roller conveyor with high transport efficiency is generally chosen, and the chain conveyor consists of a tray automation delivery system. According to the demand of automatic transport, a single type conveyer can be combined into a tray automation conveying system with specific functions, and a few types of conveyer can be composed of several types of conveyer system with specific functions according to the needs.


2. Reciprocating shuttle mode

Reciprocating shuttle vehicle is a new type of rail material handling vehicle, which runs fast on fixed track and completes material handling. Under some special conditions, the automated material handling system composed of reciprocating shuttle cars is very simple and convenient. For example, on the outside of the multiple laneway, in order to complete the automation of the tray, the tray is usually transversely transported relative to the roadway, and the reciprocating shuttle is an ideal model.


3. Circular shuttle mode

The annular shuttle can be used for transverse transportation of pallets, longitudinal transportation, and multiple shuttle vehicles working at the same time.


4. AGV mode

The automatic conveying system AGVS, which is made up of AGV, can flexibly transport pallets, and the transportation distance is far away.


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