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Measures To Reduce Warehousing Costs(1 Of 2)

- Oct 10, 2017 -

    Reducing warehousing costs should be conducted on the premise of ensuring the lowest total logistics cost and not reducing the overall service quality and target level of the enterprise:


    1. Reduce the storage risk of storage by first in first out. First in first out is one of the rules of storage management, it can guarantee the storage period of each stored object is not too long, and reduce the storage risk of storage.


    2. Improve the storage density and capacity utilization rate. The main objective is to reduce investment in storage facilities and increase the utilization of unit storage area to reduce costs and reduce land occupation.


    3. Effective storage positioning system is adopted to improve the efficiency of warehouse operation. The meaning of storage location is the determination of the location of the stored object. If the positioning system is effective, it can greatly save time of finding, storing and taking out, preventing errors and convenient counting. Storage positioning systems can be advanced computer management or general manual management.


    4. The effective method of collecting and counting is adopted to improve the degree of difficulty of warehouse operation. Monitoring the quantity and quality of stored materials is good for mastering the basic situation of storage, and also conducive to scientific control of inventory. In the actual operation will make a slight mistake, does not match the account, must promptly and accurately grasp the actual situation of storage, often check card and account, ensure the warehouse goods in good condition, it is essential for the management of artificial management or computer. In addition, regular monitoring is also an important job of detecting the condition of stored goods.


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