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Logistics Robot Era’s Coming

- Mar 01, 2018 -

In recent years, labor costs, land costs and energy costs increased sharply, the level of backward technology, have become the bottleneck of the logistics industry transformation and upgrading. In order to deal with the above challenges and respond to the requirements of logistics efficiency improvement, some logistics enterprises begin to accelerate the construction of automated warehousing system, and logistics robots become the focus of attention.


Under such a big environment, robot enterprises sprung up, all kinds of logistics robots came out quickly, and they were applied in logistics links such as handling, palletizing, picking and other logistics links.


1. AGV

AGV automatic guided vehicle, a highly flexible and intelligent logistics handling equipment, known as mobile robot abroad from the last century began in 50s in the warehousing industry; in China, AGV has been in the automotive, tobacco, printing and newsprint industry scale application. At present, the "cargo to human" solution, represented by the Amazon Kiva robot, is increasingly widely used in the storage system. The core technology of AGV mainly includes sensor technology, navigation technology, servo drive technology and system integration technology. Having independent core technology is the key to the development of every AGV enterprise.

2. Palletizing robot


Palletizing robot mainly includes Cartesian coordinate robot, articulated robot and polar coordinate robot, which can be used for stacking / stacking operations of cartons, bags, cans, boxes, bottled and other kinds of packaging materials. This type of robot cannot only carry heavy loads, and the operation speed and quality is far higher than the artificial; each palletizing robot has a separate control system, greatly ensure the accuracy of operation; through scientific and rational design of rigid mechanical body, palletizing robot can adapt to high negative weight, high frequency, high flexibility.


3. Sorting robot

This kind of robot usually has sensors, objective lens, image recognition system and multifunctional manipulator. It can see the shape of objects according to the image recognition system, grab objects with mechanical hands, and put them in the specified location to achieve the quick sorting of goods. At present, there are not many applications of sorting robots in warehousing logistics. Some enterprises are trying to develop and produce sorting robots with man-machine cooperation.

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