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Key Points Of Storage Managing In Manufacturing(1-4)(1)

- Oct 21, 2017 -

Key Points of Storage Managing in Manufacturing


Is there any factor that may largely influence the storage of manufacturing? And what is the relationship between them? Jracking will now give you the answers:


1. Warehouse

Warehouse is the basic of storage management.

The ultimate goal of every business is always to profit, which can only be reached by careful work of everyday. As it is said that Rome was not built in one day.

The stock means the assets of a company. The main duty of a warehouse is to take control of putting in and taking out goods, to ensure the quantity and quality of goods, and to make sure no company assets to be lost.

With a disordered storage system, a company must also suffer from severe problems in business management, not to mention the stock management.

Warehouse disorder will surely lead to stock disorder. And wrong stock number is not able to support storage management or improvement.


Five key points in storage management:

1. Employers management: a company must build testing and training system to make sure every employer is well organized and has clear responsibility. Special tasks like driving forklift should be handled by people with work license.

2. Warehouse equipment management: equipments should be well taken care of regularly.

3. Warehouse information management: good information management will benefit to improving accuracy and efficiency of warehouse.

4. Warehouse operation: every storage activity must be controlled by its own work flow. Review work flows regularly to see if there is any unreasonable activity in actual operation. If yes, it should be optimized as soon as possible.

5. Warehouse environment and layout: 5S is the base of storage management foundation, which also garantees the storage efficiency. A company can take better control of storage only by making sure the stock number is same as actual goods.

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