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Key Points Of Logistics System Designing (4-4)

- Oct 28, 2017 -

In previous essay, Nanjing Jracking Storage Solutions talked about flow and direction in designing logistics system. In this essay we will continue to discuss 4 important factors which are last but not the least.

4. Split and Combination. Movement and stillness.

All logistics activities can be viewed as repetitive actions that are constantly splitting and combination. Loading containers is combination, while picking up pallets is splitting. Stacking is combination, while sorting is splitting. Packaging is combination, while dismounting is splitting. In this way, simplify logistics activities in a reasonable method can also greatly benefit the whole logistics system.

Once take all activities as simplified splitting and combination, you can see the importance of storage racking(including pallet racking, cantilever racking, longspan shelving, cabinet shelving and other types of racking) and different kinds of goods container.

Movement and stillness are two forms of logistics activities. You can say all goods are either moving or still. For example, transportation and stacking can be seen as movement. Stocking and storing can be seen as stillness. Movements and stillness are combined with time and dimension in logistics system, which Jracking has detailed introduced in previous essays.

All in all, to build a perfect and efficient logistics system, first you should simplify the system to an original operation frame. Then add different logistics activities to the frame to make it become an efficient and complete logistics system. This is how to design a logistics system from systematic point of view.

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