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Jracking Warehouse Management System- Prior Planning

- Jun 16, 2017 -

Prior Planning

Warehouse Space

Need to measure the required warehouse area, according to historical sales data, basic data package (carton, pallet), supplier and customer delivery frequency, setting the number of MIX/MAX, setting the amount of safety stock and other data, to roughly calculate the required warehouse area, but also includes the channel area, ensure forklift has enough working space.


High level racking and flat warehouse represent different management concepts. High level racking improve space utilization, need to cooperate with the WMS system to use. Flat warehouse emphasizes visual management, use trolley and container to make the actual inventory at a glance, convenient for inventory.


Bar coding, the efficient implementation of warehouse management, warehousing, raw materials for raw material, semi-finished products, finished product storage, report delivery of finished products and so on all material moving link to realize the automation of data collection, to ensure the efficiency and accuracy of data input.

WMS is integrated warehouse system management software that includes Bar Coding technology. When companies are choosing the right WMS, they need to understand the enterprise's demand for the warehouse and the possible efficiency of the upgrade. Management needs to measure input and output. For example, Manhattan warehouse management system worth millions of dollars, it is really a big investment. Some domestic warehouse management software can also achieve some basic functions, the price is much cheaper.

Regardless of the use of Bar, coding or WMS, we should consider and enterprise ERP software to achieve data docking. In this way, the work efficiency can be greatly improved, and repeated labor can be avoided and data accuracy can be improved. In the SAP system, you can only assign to Storage location, but not to Storage bin. If the warehouse using WMS software, can achieve Bin location distribution and fixed. When picking, according to the principle of FIFO, automatic picking in the system, and print Picking, list and so on. But if WMS does not implement SAP and inventory data docking, so every time when doing the warehouse, you must repeat the operation in SAP and WMS system, but such data increases the workload of operators, but also prone to error.

Warehouse Layout

The arrangement of materials for the production line, storage of finished products and delivery of finished products should also be designed in accordance with the principle of single logistics. Roundabout and Cross shipment should be minimized.

The raw material warehouse should be close to the production line: it is easy to supply material to the production line. At the same time, it is also necessary to change the raw materials which are temporarily unused to the raw material warehouse.

The establishment of the production line side inventory: for the similar process, production demand is relatively stable position and you can consider establishing a pull line supermarket.

Design of finished warehouse: A, B and C classification can be set according to the sales amount, and a type of finished product is placed in the area that is easiest to sort.


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