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Jracking Warehouse Management System-post Processing

- Jul 12, 2017 -

Using Plan – Do – Check – Action (PDCA) approach to continually improve the problems that arise during the daily work.

For example: Cargos delivered to the warehouse of customers and found the packaging is damaged, product metal surface rusted. For the customers, such products are not qualified, then the first thing we need to do is investigation and use 5W2H to figure out what happened.


What happened? Why is it a problem? When detected? Who detected? Where detected?

How detected? How many bad parts?

Protect customers

If we use 5W2H to investigate the case clearly, the basic situation of the damaged goods should be known well. The next thing to do is protect the customer’s production from being affected and to constitute emergency remedial measures such as supply some quality products to customers again.

Action projects

When specific problems occur, they need to find the primary cause, work out the action projects, follow the results and make continual improvements.

Follow improvement

After working out an improved action project, we need to follow up, otherwise the result of improvement cannot be measured.

Experience summarization

Finally we need to summarize this case and make it to Lessons Learn Card (LLC). In the future, there will be similar problems that can be dealt with in the previous experience. At the same time, we can also reflect on why the same problem will happen again and whether there are any loopholes in the process.

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