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Jracking Warehouse Management System-controlling

- Jun 16, 2017 -


Setting KPI (daily, monthly, yearly), can include the following:


Customer complaints

Cycle count: improper storage location, inventory variance, inventory amount adjustment, inventory speed

Delivery accuracy


Daily, monthly meetings

Daily meeting: organize the warehouse principal on each weekday morning for five minutes. At the meeting, the head of each function, including warehousing, delivery, cycle counting, and so on, each briefly describes the KPI of their team's previous day. For example, the delivery team tells the accuracy rate of delivery, the storage, whether there are parts placed in the wrong storage location. Delivery team said delivery accuracy, cycle inventory, inventory accuracy, inventory speed, and so on. Note that, in the five minute meeting, just on the working day before KPI review, share information, and not to discuss specific problems, because it will take longer time and warehouse every morning is usually very busy. At the end of the meeting, the warehouse manager can select the 3 problems that are encountered that day, if any, to be carried out by way of PDCA. Some problems can be solved in coordination within the warehouse department, and some problems need to be coordinated in the supply chain department meeting, even at a previous level factory meeting.


1. Periodic inventory:

Preparation before inventory:

Make annual inventory plan

Personnel arrangement and information communication

Define warehouse inventory area and inventory team

Work out VMI and outsourcing process inventory plan

Make inventory process and training materials and train relevant inventory personnel

Working after inventory:

Input inventory data and inventory data for comparative analysis

Analyze the differences and discuss the causes, and make improvement measures

After obtaining the management authorization, the finance carries on the adjustment

2. Cycle count:

According to the ABC classification of raw materials, for a class a month of material inventory, B material quarterly inventory, C type materials every six months inventory, Dead Inventory once a year.

Analyze inventory variances and develop action plans, follow up corrective actions to ensure that similar problems do not recur



Rationalization proposal, reward suggestion system.

The improvement should be initiated by the front-line staffs that have the right to speak in the face of specific actions every day. Management should encourage employees to make reasonable recommendations and receive cash rewards for accepted proposals.


On-the-job training

On the worksite, supervisors and skilled old employees train their subordinates, ordinary staff and new employees through daily work, necessary knowledge, skills, methods of work, etc. Its characteristic is in the concrete work, both sides demonstrate, explain, and practice study. With the unknown, we can ask, supplement and correct it on the spot, and we can also find out the deficiencies and unreasonable aspects in the previous work in the interaction and jointly improve it.

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