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Jracking Optimize The Vertical Space Of The Warehouse(2 Of 2)

- Jul 28, 2017 -

Observe what new storage you need. Depending on the design and layout of the warehouse, the storage type depends on a lot of things. Is there a large amount of storage that needs to rely on higher pallet rack? Can you raise your existing net board to a higher height? If the equipment has a lot of extra space, can you create more free space by building the mezzanine? Before you commit to any solution, please measure your options carefully. If a large amount of money is spent and no apparent storage space is added, the goal of renovating an existing warehouse is a failure.

Make sure your renovation meets industry standards. There are many safety restrictions, requirements and building codes for the renovation of any warehouse. Adding extra divider is a minor matter, but it is likely that any larger changes will need to be approved by local authorities to ensure that these changes are in line with the building codes. Ensure that any renovation of the warehouse accord with local building codes. Otherwise the cost of consequences will be enormous.

Always maintain awareness of future needs. Too many renovations at one time can cause problems when determining future storage and company needs. Set aside some space and time to meet future needs, and remember to be flexible with change.

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