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Jracking Optimize The Vertical Space Of The Warehouse(1 Of 2)

- Jul 28, 2017 -

Most warehouse managers instinctively think they're looking for another warehouse. Development is the natural trend of enterprises, and managers are seen the increase of products and employees as signals to move to larger warehouses.

Moving is very expensive for time and money, and it's not always the best solution if you just know where to find a warehouse. Most warehouses have a lot of unused vertical space, and they have more room to use. In the long term, avoiding costly relocation can save a lot of money. If the warehouse you are operating is a small area, considering how to make vertical use of the warehouse, the following methods may help you.

Figure out how much headroom there is above the warehouse. When you start using your vertical storage space, first of all, you need to know how much vertical space you need. Check the building floor plan, the amount of storage space you have used, the overall size, and the layout of the warehouse, which can determine the range of potential space above the warehouse.

Please check which stocks are currently available for movement. The most unfavorable aspect of using vertical space is that it may make some products more difficult to obtain, but in most cases it is worthwhile to make as much space as possible for frequent sales of products. Check stock to find products that are bulky, hard to store, low frequency, or combination of these three, which can be stored at a difficult location over vertical space.

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