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Jracking Mezzanine — The First Choice Of Warehouse Storage

- May 27, 2017 -

Jracking Mezzanine — The first choice of warehouse storage

Jracking mezzanine is widely used in many industries such as automotive 4S shop, automotive components, light industry, electronics with its unique advantages and characteristics. The production and installation is very simple and quick. There are so many advantages of Jracking mezzanine, simple assembly, boltless, customization, using pallets to storage and easy to use. It is the first choice for the warehouse of enterprises.

In recent years, Jracking mezzanine is made of cold rolled steel floor and monolithic construction is assembly. It no need to site welding, overall appearance is generous. Compared with the concrete structure, due to the first floor racks could support the higher mezzanine floor. Jracking mezzanine has the advantages of low cost and high space utilization. It located on supporting racks with good integrity, load capacity uniformity, high precision and easy to lockout.

Jracking mezzanine is widely used in high warehouse, small cargos, manual access and a large amount of storage situation. It can make full utilization of space and save the area of warehouse. According to the actual site and specific requirements, it can be designed into single or multi-layer mezzanine, generally 2 to 3 layers. It is especially suitable for automotive components, electronic devices and other products and the load capacity of each layer is less than 500 kg.

Features of Jracking mezzanine:

1. Increase the height of storage and space utilization

2. Manual access for various cargos adaptively

3. Divided by 2-3 floors as usual which can carry 300-1000kg/㎡

4. Transport machine: lift platform, hoister, conveyor or forklift

5. Easy-installation

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