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Jracking Intelligent Developing Trends

- Jul 12, 2017 -

The efficiency of allocation in warehouse automation system meets the basic requirements of modern shopping malls. The rapid and accurate storage is the need of modern commercial management. In modern society, the pace of life and work speed up, people demand efficient work and storage. Accurate and timely deployment of goods is a basic condition for winning customers, thus bringing more customers back and forming a stable customer base. The efficiency of management leads to the decrease of management cost and the increase of profit margin. With the rapid development of society, the competition of business management is becoming more and more incandescent. For the sake of survival and development, we must try to reduce the operating costs. The warehouse management cost occupies a large proportion in the operating cost, and the establishment of the storage racking system can improve the profit space of the shopping malls.

1. Transmission system adopts PLC control, through the network and other equipment for data and information exchange in the network computer shutdown condition, conveying control system and stacker control system can directly realize the point-to-point communication mode, data exchange, and ensure the normal operation of outbound transportation. When the host computer resumes its work, the control system automatically transfers the data to the host computer.

2. Sorting system is connected with PLC, other equipment and communication lines through field bus. For the distribution and sorting business requiring very large distribution centers, tower sorting machines should be selected.

3. The control system adopts fieldbus control, and supports remote control, which makes the system maintenance more convenient and fast.

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