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Jracking Drive In Rack Applies For Mass Storage(1 Of 2)

- May 27, 2017 -

1. Drive in rack is a kind of non - channel, continuous, whole - type rack, which is stored in a depth direction and one by one, which makes it possible to store high density.

2. Access to the cargos from the same side of the racks, the first deposit, the balance weight and forward type forklift can easily into the middle of the rack to access the cargos, without the need to occupy multiple channels.

3. This rack is applicable for storing large quantities of cargos with few varieties.

4. Drive in rack is the plug assembly type structure which column pieces assembled on the shelf area up to the total depth of wall can be designed within 7 tray depth, middle area on both sides of the shelf total depth of import usually within 9 pallets, in order to improve the efficiency and reliability of the forklift access.

5. The investment cost is relatively low, which is suitable for the situation that the size is larger, the species is less, the quantity is large, and the mode of goods access can be scheduled. Drive in rack is widely used in various types of warehouses and logistics centers such as: food, tobacco, dairy, beverage and other industries, cold storage is also more common.

Drive in rack can provide the largest amount of storage space, widely used in large storage, small variety, frequent access to the industry, such as cold storage food, beverages, raw materials, dairy products and other industries.

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