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Jracking Discuss How To Choose ...antilevered Racking System

- Dec 22, 2017 -

Jracking Discuss How to Choose Industrial Cantilevered Racking System


There are a variety of medium and heavy duty racking systems, and the cantilever racking is one of them. Cantilever racking systems are mainly suitable for long type goods or ring items and irregular size articles, such as wood, pipe, profile, cable and so on. The cantilever racking is one of the ideal solutions for these heavy, unmanaged special items. The following is the Sales Department of Jracking(China) Storage Systems explained the structure of the cantilever racking and how to choose it.


The arm of a cantilever racking can be either a single side or a double side. The cantilever rack has high stability, good load capacity and high space utilization. The column and base of the cantilever shelf of Jracking(China) Storage Systems generally adopt C type steel or H type steel and cold rolled steel, according to the requirements of carrying capacity. The ends of the base of the cantilever rack have the sealing plate, which makes the cantilever racking more stable when carrying the goods. Enterprises must pay attention to the above details and cantilever rack materials when purchasing, so as to avoid the asymmetry of structure or material, and cause the tilting and collapse of cantilever racking


The load-carrying capacity of the cantilever racking is on the arm. In order to prevent the arms from being bent when they are loaded, the end of the cantilever is generally up 2 degrees. The cantilever racking not only has a column, but also a base and an arm. Jracking Storage Systems suggests that enterprises should pay attention to the bracing: the most stable type between two columns is CX type. The overall stability of the cantilever racking is higher, and the safety factor is greater.


The goods of a cantilevered racking are usually accessed by a forklift or artificially. The cantilever racking are mostly used in the machinery manufacturing industry, building materials supermarket, cable power, production factory, and various industrial warehouses.


With this, you can freely choose a cantilever racking as a solution to the material in your warehouse.

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