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Jracking Discuss Heavy Duty Aut... Storage & Retrieval System

- Dec 15, 2017 -

Jracking Discuss Heavy Duty Automatic Storage & Retrieval System


Jracking storage racking is an important tool to modernize and improve the efficiency of the warehouse, and the market demand share is getting higher and higher. Jracking storage pallet racking developed with the economic leap. The influx of foreign enterprises has not only led to the development of the local economy, but also brought new management ideas and technologies. At present, more and more Jracking automatic racking is used in warehouse.


Jracking storage rackings are storage equipment. Packaging, transportation, loading and unloading, sorting, information management are the basic functions of logistics. With the continuous development of storage and rack industry, more and more industries and enterprises have been applied to Jracking storage rackings. More and more enterprises have entered the warehousing industry, serving all walks of life friends. Pallet racking is one of the main facilities of storage. It can be said that the pallet racking is an indispensable part of the modern industrial warehouse, logistics center and distribution center.


Storage shelves usually have three parts: columns, beams and panels. This refers to the heavy, medium and light storage racking systems.


The cross beam racking is safe and convenient, suitable for all kinds of warehouses and direct access to goods. It is the simplest and most widely used racking. It can make full use of space. A convenient tray access method is used to effectively coordinate the loading and unloading of the forklift, which greatly improves the efficiency of the operation. Mechanical equipment requirements: counterbalanced forklift or heap high machine. Heap high machine can increase the use rate of ground space by 30%, and the operation height is more than 16 meters. Cross beam racking features: smooth inventory turnover. The selection ability can be provided. Increase the average rate of delivery. Provide high quality product protection. Because the cross beam racking is suitable for goods storage with large variety and large volume. For access convenience, there will be more lanes designed, so the ground usage rate is relatively low.

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