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How To Plan The Low Temperature Food Logistics Center

- Jun 13, 2018 -

Low temperature logistics is different from normal temperature logistics, and has its particularity. How to do the planning and construction of the logistics center of low temperature food, arrange the logistics line rationally, improve the efficiency of the low temperature logistics, and reduce the cost of the low temperature logistics are all the problems that the low temperature logistics center must consider at the beginning of the construction, and also the main problem to be solved in the planning and design of the low temperature logistics center.


The low temperature food logistics center is a large cold chain logistics market complex, which combines cold storage, food fresh processing and distribution operations (including central kitchen), circulation processing operation (sorting and distribution), goods operation, trading market, business negotiation, business office and supporting housing. It relies on the trading market as the final link, and stores, processes, circulate, and sell the goods into a whole.


Low temperature food logistics center is highly integrated with rich and complex functions. In the planning and design, the following factors should be considered.


The first is the requirements for the storage and turnover of food. In order to meet the requirements of the storage and turnover of food, the size, temperature, shape, width of the platform in front of the storage, the capacity and quantity of the cargo ladder, the width of the return yard, the layout of the parking space of the refrigerated container are designed and designed.


The two is the layout of cold storage and food fresh processing plants in the park. Because the two functions are interrelated, it is best to function in the same building. However, according to the requirements of China's current national standards, both in some cases cannot be in the same building, otherwise there will be a violation of the requirements of fire regulations. Therefore, in the planning and design, we should adjust according to the actual situation to meet the functional requirements and fire requirements.


The three is the integration of the same functional zoning. Both the cold storage and the food fresh processing plants need to be sorted and distributed through the procedure of circulation processing. In some cases, the two are not in the same building because of the limitations of the national standard. Therefore, the two functions are arranged together or separately. The unified arrangement of both can save manpower cost, unify management and save circulation cost. But at the same time it may bring about the disordered distribution of goods or goods; separate and independent setting is not easy to manage, but it can make the sorting and distribution of goods or goods clear and clear, and it is not easy to make mistakes.


The four is the functional areas are independent and interrelated. The food raw and fresh processing plants and the trading market all need cold storage to provide goods distribution and storage; business negotiations and business offices are based on the trading market to realize the circulation of goods; supporting residential areas provide the convenience of life for the staff of the business center and the trading market. When planning and designing, we should not only meet the interconnections among functional areas, but also meet their relatively independent space needs.


The five is to deal with the problem of the spacing of health protection. The low temperature food logistics park combines industrial cold storage and food fresh processing plants with civilian type trading markets, business offices and supporting residences. The planning and design should make full use of the local environment (such as perennial wind, climate, etc.) as well as the requirements of functional zoning to properly arrange the space of health protection.


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