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How To Design The Display Board Of Warehouse(1 Of 2)

- Jul 28, 2017 -

Display board is the card indicating the amount of material needed for an operation. Display board management is the production order only for the last process, but not the main production plan according to bill of materials decomposition to each process and raw material procurement method.

Detailed pictures rather than detailed description, the following are the key points to set the display board detailed description of the contents, all understanding will know what to do.

The role of display board in the production process:

1. The main production plan: The theory of display board management is not concerned with how to compile and maintain the main production schedule. It begins with a ready-made main production schedule. Therefore, the JIT production enterprises need to rely on other systems to formulate the main production plan.

2. Material requirements planning: Although the display board management companies usually outsource the warehouse to the supplier for management, they still need to provide a long-term and rough material requirements plan to the supplier. The general practice is to obtain the planned amount of raw material in accordance with a year's finished product sales plan, and to conclude a package order with the supplier. The specific requirements, date and quantity are completely reflected by the display board.

3. Capacity requirements planning: Display board management does not participate in the formulation of the main production plan, and naturally does not participate in the generation capacity requirements plan. Display board management enterprises through the process design, equipment layout, personnel training and other means to achieve a balanced production process, then capacity requirements imbalance in the production process will be reduced. Display board management can quickly expose excess or insufficient processes or equipment, and then eliminate problems by continual improvement. This analysis of the root causes of the problem and solution to the problem is very useful.

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