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How To Design A Good Racking System For E-Commerce

- Oct 17, 2017 -

How to design a racking system for E-Commerce  


A good racking system must meet the need of production process and management of warehouse. You should confirm the location of all business sectors, including workshop, administration sector, warehouse, aisles and even gate guardian sector. Thus different sectors with different functions can be well separated from each other to make the whole system reasonable and efficient.


Whether customers are well satisfied can be strongly determined by the order process efficiency of E-commerce. So for E-commerce suppliers, the guideline to design a racking system is to make sure goods can be mostly storaged and quickly delivered. Here are some good suggestions from Jracking:


1. How to plan the layout of storage racking

A perfect racking system needs to be communicated and discussed over and over according to the customers request about logistics management. For example, how to put popular goods, common goods or overstocked goods on different pallet racks to make sure they can be rapidly accessed? Moreover, different areas for different types of goods on the mezzanine should also be well discussed.


2. How to choose storage racking

Choose the best type of storage racking according to the type, specifications or weight of goods. You can also use pallet racking, heavy duty racking and longspan shelving in one warehouse.


3. How to design the construction of storage racking

To use separators on storage pallet racking is a good method to tell goods of different classes from each other. When the stock of some goods are suddenly increased or decreased, you may need these separators to help you make some adjustments accordingly.


4. How to ensure the high efficiency of E-commerce

To meet the requirement of rapid delivery, when plan on storage racking you may also adopt lift platforms and slides. So when warehouse is experiencing an electricity cutoff, goods can be accessed as successfully as usual.


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