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How To Consider The Unitization Shuttle System(1 of 1)

- Aug 18, 2017 -

The main idea of radio shuttle structure design is that:

System analysis, classify the storage cargos of customer, research on the morphological change of each unit in the whole process of logistics, logistics path and working rhythm, and access form for unit for the frequency planning, sorted out the whole logistics process analysis.


Storage unit into separation, classification and composition of customer's packaging with operation management mode, import trade and regional unitized logistics standard, conform to the enterprise long-term development and logistics operation management unitized proposals, and effectively improve customer's logistics management level and management efficiency, to ensure that the supporting design of radio shuttle system in the storage unit pallet and class pallet unitized structure to be reasonable. Attribute as the unified specification of pallet or class pallet structure for the basal unit of goods in the form of form and accurate definition, and the weight of the unitized no more than 1.5 tons, can form a series of standard size as far as possible.


This can reduce unit package handling customer specifications, handling and improve circulation efficiency, reduce transportation costs, improve economic efficiency, but also can easily help customers improve mechanization and automation level of handling operation, reduce labor intensity, improve working conditions and production logistics operation management level, but also can prevent the goods in the process of handling due to knock, touch, stroke caused by the loss and reduce product quality.


Currently there are two types of radio shuttle which support to normal temperature storage and cold storage. The size are: 1300W * 1100D, 1200W * 1100D, 1200W * 1000D, 1200W * 1200D, 1200W * 800D, 1100W * 1100D and so on, in order to adapt to the logistics unit form a number of links in different areas of the market or industry market, in fact this is to a certain extent, increased the company's product design and manufacturing and other aspects of the difficulty.


With the improvement and standardization of products in the future market segmentation, unit logistics, will allow enterprises to concentrate on the development and perfection of a series of product quality, improve product technical level and development of multifunctional application software and hardware environment more perfect, and to design reasonable radio shuttle structure.

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