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How To Consider The Unitization O... Radio Shuttle System(2 of 2)

- Aug 19, 2017 -

The operating space of forklift must be convenient and dynamic load capacity should be carried the pallet unit weight. The design has a good dynamic and static force structure and the supporting capacity of the shuttle support rail and rail connection structure. The theoretical research and extensive real load test were carried out from single weight of storage location, deformation, clearance, transporting error and movement operation characteristics of radio shuttle. It would be designed the radio shuttle with good motion characteristic and reasonable structure. According to the movement and control requirements of radio shuttle, design deceleration and positioning hole of unit dimensional size in shuttle guide rail.


In addition, according to the unit data of storage location, it is easy to determine the load form and mechanical modeling radio shuttle structure analysis. It can be used to analyze the load capacity and stability of structure to upright, frame, beam, guide rail or any other radio shuttle components. It also can be combined with customers for earthquake and other non-working conditions influencing factors for special case analysis and structural optimization.


Reasonable design of the overall structure of the racking and supporting structure, not only to ensure the overall structure of the racking load capacity and stability, but also to ensure that shuttle vehicles running stability and efficiency. Through the modular multiplication principle, transfer the racking structure into module design. It can greatly reduce the error rate, but also can improve the design efficiency and the operation efficiency of enterprises.


Standardize the operation process of the unit parts of the customer to ensure the smooth operation of the follow-up process and the safety of the racking, on the shelf storage port supporting design of pallet guiding device, forklift retainer, racking upright protection device etc. In order to adapt to the customer site terrace level and possible ground setting, it is designed structure for shuttle adjustable foot plate.

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