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Four Suggestions On Green Racking From Jracking

- Oct 13, 2017 -

Compared to HIGH EFFICIENCEY, which has been a hot topic in warehouse storage racking industry, GREEN or ENVIRONMENTAL-FRIENDLY issue is a new one.


It is the waste of natural resources and the following economic loss that we should firstly focus on. Here are 4 suggestions on environmental-friendly racking and warehouse storage racking.




When designing or re-designing warehouses with environmental-friendly racking, we should consider to use renewable energy. A common way is to install solar energy panels, especially for warehouses with large roof.


However, energy efficiency is a broader topic. For example, are your warehouses fully isolated? Is every door or window closed properly to prevent energy loss? Are all lights energy-saving type? Which material can be used in warehouse heating? These efficient methods may bring great results and an energy balance.




Delivering goods among different environmental-friendly racking and delivering goods to customers are most common affairs. It may be wrong to deliver by most efficient routs.


There are always some methods to reduce carbon dioxide emission when you are check delivery, storage or sorting orders. Software solutions may be helpful. Optimized routes can reduce consumption in both fuel and time.


So have your routes been optimized? Are your goods being delivered in a energy wasting way? Is there any respect that you have overlooked?




Most people would not consider their deliver equipment as energy wasting, but in face they ARE. Luckily, advanced technology has solved the problem with at least 50% energy saved by energy recycle system.


Energy saving are largely promoted by the up-going energy prices. A balanced income and expense can be made through many energy saving methods.


Please discuss following issues with your warehouse system supplier if you would like to rearrange delivery equipment: energy recycle system, optimizing motor efficiency, reducing waiting time, intelligent curve control and off-peak operation.




Buying racking parts from different suppliers seems to be money saving, but instead of a wise choice, it is a trap: in long term, the operation cost is more than saved. That means a bigger loss may be caused.


Full set of warehouse storage racking system is more energy saving, since parts can work perfectly together and less joints means less unnecessary waste. All in all, simpler system helps to bring positive results, not only in financial situation but also in environmental protection.


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