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Force Analysis On Storage Racking

- Nov 15, 2017 -

The loading capacity of different kinds of storage racking varies a lot. What is the force condition of pallet racking and cantilever racking? Is it reliable that some storage racking suppliers claim that they can provide stable racking systems whose loading capacity can be tons per level? Nanjing Jracking Storage Solutions will analyze the above questions and give some useful advises to warehouse managers.


Nanjing Jracking Storage Solution supplies different racking systems which include not only traditional type such as pallet racking, cantilever racking, longspan shelving, but also electric mobile racking system and automatic storage & retrieval system. In fact, all kinds of storage racking are self balanced structure systems which consist of beams and upright frames.


When goods are put onto storage racking, the vertical stress is passed from beams to upframes and passed from upframes to groud. We call it force of gravity. At the same time, there exists a horizontal force which influences directly to the stability of the whole storage racking system. Therefore, if your storage racking is good at quality and designed in a reasonable way, it can support stress as one system. But if your storage racking is vulnerable and roughly installed, it can only support stress by parts. In this case, damages may be caused to goods and storage racking.


Nanjing Jracking Storage Solutions hope the above analysis can be of help when you choose storage racking system for warehouse, and keep people and goods safe.

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