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Brief Introduction To Jracking Electric Mobile Racking System

- Dec 23, 2017 -

The electric mobile racking system is one of the representative racking systems that Jracking(China) Storage Solutions supply. It is different from other warehouse racking system, and the way of storage is also different. The electric mobile racking is made of new cold rolled steel, and the surface is derusted with four processes, and then the dust free powder coating is used. The surface has the characteristics of uniform coating, smooth, anti-rust and wear resistance.


With electric mobile racking system, only one channel is needed to facilitate the stacker or forklift to access the goods. The utilization rate of space is high. The rotating mechanism adopts the precision bearing, so the rotation is flexible and stable. The level height can be adjusted freely according to the needs. The electric mobile racking system is equipped with a control device and an operating switch panel for operation.


The electric mobile racking system is easy to control, and it is safe and reliable. Each row of racking is driven by an electric motor, and the roller is moved along the ground under the rack. Its outstanding advantage is to improve the utilization of space. A complete electric mobile racking system requires only one channel. Therefore, in the same space, the storage capacity of the electric mobile racking system is much higher than that of the ordinary pallet racking system. Through the motor drive the bearing trolley, the trolley is placed on the pallet rack, the cantilever rack and so on. Variable frequency speed control, the racking system from starting to braking are extremely stable, security is guaranteed. According to the form of track is divided into track type and trackless two kinds.


Jracking(China) Storage Systems idea is to fully adapt to the mechanized use of warehouse storage racking system. Everything is developed towards the goal of mechanization and automation.

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